Editing Tools

All editing in Razen is done via Tools. Below is a list of all available tools, where they’re used, and how they operate.


Available in: schematic, layout

Selection is the default tool. It allows you to select objects for further editing. The tool palette will update with available tools based on the current selection. To leave another tool and return to selection, press Escape or click the cancel button on the Tool Palette. To clear the selection and show the standard tools, press Escape.

Right clicking with an object selected will bring up a context menu with actions that can be performed on the current selection.

Object Creation

When no objects are selected, the standard object creation tools are shown. These will let you create objects in your design, such as parts, wires, traces, etc.


Available in: schematic, layout

The line tool lets you draw non-connective lines (for net-creating, connective lines see Wire). In the schematic these are used for drawing page outlines, while in the layout they are used for PCB borders. In parts they are used for the physical outlines.

Left click: create a new line point

Right click: switch line drawing mode


Available in: schematic, layout

The arc tool lets you draw non-connective arcs and circles.

Left click: First sets the arc centre point. Second click sets the starting point for the arc (relative to the centre). Third click sets the end point for the arc and creates the object.

Right click: None


Available in: schematic, layout

The text tool creates text objects.

Left click: Place the text

Right click: Rotate the text object by 90 degrees


Available in: schematic, layout

The part tool adds parts to the current design. If a part is placed in the schematic, the footprint will automatically be placed in the layout, and visa versa.

Left click: Place the part

Right click: Rotate the part by 90 degrees


Available in: schematic

The wire tool creates connective lines between part pins. Wires between two part pins will create a net and display an Airwire between the respective pads in the layout view.

Left click: create a new wire point

Right click: switch wire drawing mode


Available in: layout

The via tool creates vias in the PCB. Vias may also be created using the Route tool while routing a trace, so this tool is useful for creating thermal or ground vias in polygons. When placed in a polygon the via tool will automatically assign the via to the polygon’s net.

Left click: Create a new via.

Right click: None


Available in: layout

The drill tool creates holes in the PCB.

Left click: Create a new drill hole

Right click: None


Available in: layout

The polygon tool creates polygon objects in the design. These are used for large copper fills of an area. New points can be added to a polygon after its creation by selecting the polygon and right clicking.

Left click: Create a new polygon point

Right click: None


Available in: layout

The route tool is only available when an Airwire is selected and allows drawing of traces to route the selected Airwire. Switching layers with the layer option will automatically create a via. Completely routing the trace will remove the Airwire.

Left click: create a new trace

Right click: switch trace drawing mode


Available in: layout [parts only]

This tool is only available in a part layout and allows creation of new pads.

Left click: Create a new pad

Right click: None


Available in: schematic [parts only]

This tool is only available in a part schematic and allows creation of new pins.

Left click: Create a new pin

Right click: Rotate the pin 90 degrees

Object Manipulation


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout


Available in: schematic, layout